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"We must become the change we want to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi

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Development Through Education (DTE) is a network of Chakma tribal students of Mizoram, North East India aimed at improving the quality of education at village level and the quantity of the educated persons in the Sajek area villages in western part of Mizoram.


DTE was started in December 2005 as a pioneering initiative based on the principle of “students helping students for social cause”.


Sajek Valley of Mizoram is one such place where people live impoverished lives without access to basic human needs and without “hope” because there is none to provide one. Most of the villages are still not connected by roads or electricity and there are no basic healthcare or safe drinking water facilities. Children do not go to school in many villages because there is no school to attend to or because they have to work at home or in the agricultural fields along with their parents.


Development Through Education believes that EDUCATION IS THE BIRTH RIGHT of every child and DEVELOPMENT is possible only through EDUCATION. DTE seeks to universalize primary education by working for primary education at village level, and guide and help the students and their parents on choosing their career paths by providing timely and accurate information on admissions, courses, scope and other details of different school, colleges and universities across the country. 


A group of Chakma children in village
Can we retain their smiles forever?

Chakma women collecting drinking water from spring (courtesy: The Daily Star)