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Who are we

Development Through Education (DTE) is a network of Chakma tribal students of Mizoram in North East India. Its members are students hailing from villages in remote part of western Mizoram called the Sajek Valley who study in various schools, colleges and universities pursuing varied courses across India.


We believe in an integrated social action to universalize primary education at village level and improve the quality of education and quantity of the educated in the Sajek Valley villages, Mizoram.


We help students and parents by providing career guidance and disseminate information on educational institutions, admission time and eligibility, entrance exam dates and courses in schools, colleges, universities providing educational excellence across India.


One of our priority areas of work is to look for charity institutions where poor Chakma tribal students can study free of cost. We facilitate their admission through contacts with the concerned authorities and monitor their progress.


We believe that education is the first necessity to solve our problems of backwardness and social deprivation, exploitation, social ills and inefficient leadership which hinder social uplift.  


We are driven by the dream that no person in the Sajek valley would be denied his/her basic human rights, including right to education, freedom, survival, participation, protection and development.


Our Mission is to educate every individual in every household, build schools in every village in Sajek area and create a society that can contribute to the peace and prosperity of our nation.


Names of students of Sajek Valley: