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Get Involved

Development Through Education was launched in December 2005 to improve the educational conditions of the Chakmas residing in most backward Sajek areas in western Mizoram.


DTE is committed to the cause for achieving total literacy in the Sajek valley. The works of DTE are important as there is no other group or organizations doing this at present.


Since DTE is new and is run by students who themselves are dependent on the income of their parents, it does not have the funds to support its proposed programmes of action. DTE has undertaken to implement the following programmes:


  1. To providing free textbooks to about 50 needy students in the year 2008 to instill hope and better competition amongst the student community;
  2. To conduct competitions such as drawing competition, extempore speech competition, essay writing competition, and games and sports encourage in co-curricular activities of the students;
  3. To provide footballs, volleyballs, carom boards, chess boards and such other facilities to nurture the local talents and provide recreation facilities in all villages, and
  4. To endeavor for facilitating admission of poor Chakma tribal students in charity schools at total-free or affordable cost.


DTE needs your help and support to do these simple things. You can help us by:-


  • Donating textbooks or money to buy textbooks to be distributed to students for free
  • Donating clothes/uniform to school students
  • Charity educational institutions can help by accepting poor Chakma tribal students in their schools and providing them good quality education free of cost
  • Or just by expressing a word of kindness and solidarity with the works of DTE

For more information, please contact Mr Paritosh Chakma, co-ordinator, DTE, at